Varzish TV new frequency and biss key 2020 – Satellite …

Varzish TV new frequency and biss key 2020 – Satellite …2022


BISS (Basic Interoperable Scrambling System) is a framework for scrambling satellite signs created by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and gadget producers.

BISS is an innovation utilized on private video transfers communicated between associations through satellites. BISS is utilized by associations like the EBU/Eurovision to safely send content to accomplices.

BISS Control Words are static and are possibly changed when important by Broadcasters. There is no deciphering methodology with this encryption, just the last BISS Control Word.

biss key code on Varzish TV new frequency

Varzish Sport HD
NSS 57°E-11565 H 10750 -Biss
Yahsat52.5°E-11785 H 27500-Biss

Television Varzish HD is Tajikistan’s essential games station, be that as it may, it appeared on July 18, 2012. This direct is notable in Tajikistan, just as the Middle East and Central Asia.

This station for the most part communicates sports programming, including Tajikistan’s public games and celebrations, European Top 5 associations (La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, Ligue 1), and champions association. Generally speaking, TV Varzish gives a far reaching sports offering. In any case, since TV Varzish isn’t available on link, it must be gotten to through set-top boxes and collectors.

The complete crowd of the TV channel is around 20 million individuals. Of these, very nearly 8,000,000 are in Tajikistan, and the remainder of the divert’s crowd lives in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Russia, the nations of the European Union, and the United States.

The word varzish is deciphered from Tajik and Persian as a game. Specialized trial of the TV station started on February 19, 2016, on the Yahsat 1A satellite (working position 52.5 ° E) in HD quality, without coding, at the boundaries: 11938 MHz, polar. H, SR 27500, FEC 5/6. On March 1 of that very year, the TV direct started to work in full.

Varzish Sport HD biss key
  • 03 A0 1B BE 20 C1 6D 4E

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