Top Ten Films Of The Cannes Film Festival 2018

The Cannes International Film Festival has traditionally shown the widest variety of high-quality world cinema. Along with promising debuts, famous filmmakers shone, the disgraced Lars von Trier returned, for the first time admired the critics of Gaspar Noe, enchanted the audience of Abu Bakr Shoki.

The jury of the 71st Cannes Film Festival was chaired by Cate Blanchett. She coped with her duties without any complaints. We invite you to pay attention to this list of new films, which, without a doubt, are among the best film premieres of the festival.

Doomsday / Yomeddine

Judgment Day

Director Abu Bakr Shoki warmed the hearts of the audience like no other. The Egyptian film “Doomsday” is a kindest and extremely uplifting story, not typical for the Cannes Film Festival. It tells about a man named Beshai who lives in a colony for people suffering from leprosy. He healed, but was left with hideous scars and crippled hands. Beggar Beshai wants to find his relatives who left him in a leper colony as a child. He sets off on a long journey in a cart with his donkey and an orphan boy named Obama, and many different people are waiting for them along the way.

The House that Jack Built

The house that Jack built

The festival could not do without controversial cinema, and this time Lars von Trier distinguished himself on the Croisette, who became persona non grata in Cannes in 2011 due to rash statements about the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. The Danish filmmaker returned this year with a psychological thriller about a serial killer. Horror movie fans will surely appreciate his extreme looks. The main character was played by Matt Dillon, and Uma Thurman and Riley Keough also participated in the filming.

The film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival out of competition. The reaction of viewers and critics turned out to be extremely ambiguous: about a hundred people left the hall during the show, and those who remained, at the end, gave a standing ovation.

Black Klansman / BlacKkKlansman

Black clanman

Spike Lee’s comedy-drama won the Grand Prix, the Film Festival’s second prize. “Black Klansman” is one of his best films in a long time, based on the book of the same name by Ron Stallworth. Despite the satirical sound, the story is based on real events. In the 1970s, an African American detective with a Jewish partner infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan organization in Colorado Springs to regularly foil the KKK’s plans. Raising very serious topics, Lee introduces a lot of comedy into the plot and smashes the “alternative right”.

Ash is the purest white / Jiang hu er nv

Ash is the purest white

Jia Zhangke is one of the most interesting contemporary filmmakers in China. His new film took part in the main program, although in the struggle for the Palme d’Or she lost to the Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda’s “Shoplifters”. The story of the film “Ashes is the Purest White” begins in 2001 and lasts for over ten years. This is a gangster epic and at the same time a melancholic saga about two lovers, their dashed hopes and ambitions.

Rain is a song in the village of the dead / Chuva é cantoria na aldeia dos mortos

Rain is a song in the village of the dead

The documentary film by João Salaviz and Rene Nader Messora, which won the jury prize in the “Unusual Regard” program, is completely unique in its kind. A 15-year-old resident of the Amazon jungle prepares to become a shaman, but all he can think about is escape to a nearby city from the closed world of his village.

The high-contrast 16mm grainy film gives the film an impressionistic flavor, as if Monet went to Brazil, painted rainforests and his paintings suddenly came to life.

Ecstasy / Climax


Perhaps for the first time in his career, Gaspar Noé has received rave reviews thanks to Ecstasy. This is a story based on real events in the 1990s about a dance troupe preparing for an American tour. The performers decide to throw a party to unwind after a lot of preparation, but things go awry when someone adds LSD to a bowl of sangria.

The film was shot in 15 days, mainly with non-professional actors, but the cast was headed by Sofia Boutella. “Ecstasy” was shown in the “Directors Fortnight” program and awarded him the International Confederation of Feature Films award.

Cold War / Zimna wojna

Cold war

Pavel Pavlikovsky received the Best Director award for his Cold War film. In creating this exquisite gem of world cinema, the Polish and British filmmaker was inspired in part by his parents’ story. Zula (Joanna Kulig) and Viktor (Tomasz Kot) meet at a music academy in Poland, where she is a student and he is a teacher. They love each other, but events force them to keep their distance for a long time.

Birds in summer / Pájaros de verano

Birds in summer

Ciro Guerra wowed audiences in 2015 with the film Embrace of the Serpent in Cannes. He shot Birds in Summer with his wife Christina Gallego. The work was not included in the main competition and was shown in the Directors Fortnight program.

The crime drama is set in the semi-arid coastal region of Guajira, on the northern tip of Colombia. The narrative focuses on the drug trade before the arrival of Pablo Escobar in the 1980s and shows how drug traffickers destroyed indigenous tribes and their way of life.

The Little One (Ayka)

Ayka Ayka

The prize for Best Actress in Cannes went to Samal Yeslyamova, who played the main role in the film “Hayk” directed by Sergei Dvortsevoy. The Kazakh actress played a migrant who works illegally in Moscow and, under the weight of circumstances, leaves her newborn son in the hospital. The portrait of a young woman drowning in a pitiless world is shown with all the depth and complexity of character.

Earlier, Sergei Dvortsevoy received the Main Prize in the Unspeakable View competition program of the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 with the film Tulip.

Wild Pear / Ahlat Agaci

Wild pear

The master of measured cinema Nuri Bilge Ceylan, whose works are comparable in depth to a literary work, has already shone in Cannes. In 2014, he won the main prize, The Golden Palm, for the chamber drama Winter Hibernation, based on the story of A. Chekhov, The Wife. This year, a Turkish filmmaker brought the Wild Pear 3 hours and 8 minutes to the competition. The viewer’s endurance will be rewarded with an amazingly powerful ending. This is a story about a young man who returns to his native village and with great cynicism and irritation refers to life and his father. “Wild Pear” is a truly monumental and lifelike movie.

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