Top 10 Tv Shows To Continue In 2015

A dozen Western TV series, which will continue to be shown in 2015.

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

They say that there are people who have not watched Game of Thrones. But for sure – those who have not heard about this series at least by the edge of their ears certainly do not exist. At least among the fans of this genre. The fifth season of the story of the Seven Kingdoms, full of lust for power, intrigue and romance, which began in 2011, will be released in April 2015. Filming took place in Northern Ireland, Croatia and Spain.

2. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Sheldon know how the universe works. And directors and screenwriters – how to keep the audience’s interest for eight seasons. The first fresh episode of The Big Bang Theory just came out on January 8th.

3. Sherlock


Despite the fact that Vasily Livanov is traditionally considered the best Sherlock Holmes in Russia, we watched with interest the three seasons of the English “Sherlock” with the inimitable Benedict Cumberbatch. And Martin Freeman was no worse than Vitaly Solomin. Anyone to whom the idea of ​​sending the heroes of Arthur Conan Doyle into the 21st century seems like an interesting decision and does not bother that Holmes’s loyal ally has turned into a woman, will continue to watch in 2015 the American TV series “Elementary” with Johnny Lee Miller and Aidan Quinn. Why not? New Holmes. New Watson. New York.

4. Castle


With the exception of Saving Private Ryan, actor Nathan Fillion had mostly starred in second-rate TV shows and films prior to Castle. It is difficult to say what prompted him to choose him for the main role, but Nathan Fillion coped with the task perfectly. Like all the other actors. The light, but not lightweight plot has allowed the series to receive quite high marks from critics and viewers for six seasons.

5. Fargo


Winter (it feels like eternal), blood on the snow, the idiocy of most of the characters, decay, hopelessness and black humor, bordering on a mockery of common sense. One of the most creepy killers in his equanimity, Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton), with whom, apparently, only Anton Chigur (Javier Bardem) from “No Country for Old Men” can compete. Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) is a reluctant killer who suddenly got a taste for it. All this – “Fargo”, one of the most notable serial premieres of the last year – will be continued this year as well. True, it is not very clear how: after all, in the first season, the final point seems to be set.

6. True detective

True detective

Another event from last year starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The first season of “True Detective” may not have liked everyone: the leisurely plot, full of dialogue, is not the best choice for lovers of continuous action and endless gunfights that are typical for some police TV series. However, the show is well worth keeping on watching.

7. Better call Saul

You better call Saul

The name of the series tells almost nothing to anyone – it will premiere in February 2015. But it’s not so simple: “You Better Call Saul” is a spin-off of “Breaking Bad”. So Saul is Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkerk). The events will take place in 2002 – six years before Sol’s appearance in the eighth episode of the second season of Breaking Bad.

8. Knickerbocker Hospital

Knickerbocker Hospital

Steven Soderbergh was able to shoot the first season of the series in 73 days. It is not known where he was in such a hurry, but the speed was not to the detriment of the quality: fans of “medical” series favorably treated the story of surgeon John Thackery, who, unlike Dr. House, coped not only without MRI, but also without antibiotics: the action takes place in early XX century.

9. Stop and burn

Stop and burn

After the films “The Social Network” and “Jobs: A Story of Temptation,” the series “Stop and Burn” is the third recent attempt to return to the origins of the current IT boom. The series received good reviews from critics and a stable rating from the target audience. This means that the second season of 2015 is unlikely to be the last.

10. House of Cards

House of cards

In 2013, fans of observing political intrigue in and around the White House received another gift, which was especially good because the main role was played by Kevin Spacey. It is difficult to say how long the series will manage to keep the audience’s attention, but this year we are waiting for the third season.

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