TOLO TV Started On NEW TP YahSat-1A @52.5East 2021

TOLO TV Started On NEW TP YahSat-1A @52.5East 2021


Here is the frequency, system, Symbol Rate, FEC, group, type and other details for the channel TOLO TV in satellite YahSat-1A @52.5E

The frequency of the channel is MPEG4/HD/FTA System is and FEC is.


TOLO (Persian: طلوع‎, lit. ’sunrise’)[1] is a commercial television station operated by MOBY Group in Afghanistan. Launched in 2004, it became one of the first commercial stations in the country and laid the foundation for an accessible media outlet by offering a large library of shows. A Dari Persian language channel led and owned by Tajiks, it is Afghanistan’s most popular television channel.


TOLO TV working on New frequency  YahSat-1A

YahSat-1A @52.5E
TP: 12188 V 27500
Started On NEW TP


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