T SPORT 7 THAICOM-5 @78.5°E Biss key 2021

T SPORT 7 Biss key and Frequency on THAICOM-5 @78.5°East today




T Sport7 was a Bulgarian sports television channel, owned by TV7 Group along with its sister channels TV7, News7 and Super7. The channel was first launched in 2008 as a jointventure of TV7 and the cable TV broadcaster Cabletel. It aired sports events like La Liga, Serie A, Formula One, GP2 Series and others. It was closed down on 31 May 2009.

T Sport7 Biss key frequency:

THAICOM-5 @78.5°E
TP:3760 H 30000
BISS KEY:3579 35E3 7935 7927.



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