Sony Playstation 4 Slim Is Temporarily Sold For 2,999 Rubles

The less money you need to pay for this or that thing, the more people can afford it, because actions of this kind simply will not lead to significant monetary costs. To the delight of many people who really really know the value of money, a real miracle happened, and with this very miracle everyone will be more than satisfied, because otherwise in this particular case it cannot even be. The fact is that now you can buy the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim game console on extremely attractive and very favorable terms, on which it has never been available until this very moment. All this became possible thanks to one large online store, which organized a promotion that allows you to get this console on extremely favorable terms.

Not so long ago, no one could even come close to suggesting anything of the kind, but now, now, everything is completely different, because every person who wants to do so is in a position to take advantage of such a generous offer. The Sony PlayStation 4 Slim game console is sold in a modification with a 1 TB HDD hard drive, which can fit over two dozen games. The package for this console includes a DualShock 4 game controller, and at the same time, in addition, as many as three video games, including Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo Sport, so you don’t have to buy them separately. It is impossible not to notice that these games are among the best among all the existing ones for PS4.

Thus, using this promotion, the buyer gets not only the PlayStation 4 Slim game console, but also, in addition, such an important and extremely significant for many people benefit as a premium PS Plus subscription for three months, which costs separately if you pay its monthly, at 579 rubles a month. With such a subscription, you can play video games in multiplayer, receive certain monthly games completely free of charge, store game saves in the PS Drive cloud storage, and at the same time take part in closed sales and receive other privileges. The action is of a temporary nature and is being held by the Russian store “Svyaznoy”, which is one of the largest sellers of electronics in Russia.

The essence of the special offer boils down to the fact that the company invites everyone to connect and start to fully use the world’s best game console in installments without a down payment or any overpayment. Having concluded an agreement, a Russian will only have to give 2,999 rubles a month, doing this consistently month after month. Not so long ago, no one even came close to boasting of anything like that, but now, now, everyone can easily take advantage of such a generous offer, finding it the best and most attractive among all that can only be.

Recently it was reported that because of this, buyers are massively snapping up the Sony PlayStation 5.

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