SINDH TV NEWS New Frequency On PakSat-1R @38.0E

SINDH TV NEWS New Frequency on 2022

Sindh TV News (brandmarked Sindh TV) or Sindh Television News is a Sindhi television channel. It’s a news channel which telecast news, news reports and current affair programs. The management of Dolphin Media House announced to launch a news channel and its testing transmission was started in October 2004. The channel did cover historical and archaeological sites of Sindh and other sites in Pakistan, so it was considered as a first documentary TV channel of Pakistan. Notable Sindhi journalists such as Ishaq Manrio, Hassan Dars, Bukhshan Mehranvi and Imdad Soomro did cover the documentary programmes. The owners of the channel are Dr.Karim Rajpar and Ajeet Kumar Ahuja.

Channel Name:SINDH TV NEWS

Satellite: PakSat-1R @38.0E

Frequency: 3784 V 2900

Format: MPEG4/HD/FTA

Note: STARTED on New Frequency

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