Remote Pushes The Authorities Of The Regions Of The Russian Federation To Accelerate Digitalization Of Territories

In early August, the Minister of Information Development and Communications of the Perm Territory Peter Shilovskikh visited the Chusovskoy urban district. There he met with the inhabitants of the Mys village. The reason for the working trip was an appeal, in which two applicants at once asked about the prospects and terms of providing the village with the Internet.

At the same time, a regional provider is already operating in this territory, which has connected 48 houses to the Internet.

“The settlement is included in the federal project“ Eliminating the Digital Divide 2.0 ”(UTSN), within the framework of which it will be provided with cellular communications and mobile Internet in 2022. The question has been put under control. Satellite Internet will also be available, ”Pyotr Shilovskikh explained to the residents.

In the appeal, people were also interested in connecting to the high-speed Internet of the village school.

“The National Program“ Digital Economy of the Russian Federation ”provides that both an educational institution and other significant social objects will have access to the Internet by the end of 2021,” said a member of the Council for the Development of the Digital Economy under the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, initiator of the creation of the “Digital Valley of the Kama Region” during the meeting. ” Anton Nemkin.

The provision of the regions of the region with high-quality Internet and communications is one of the key tasks, it seems, for today. The widespread introduction of the possibility of remote work in people’s lives helps many citizens to move from cities to towns, villages, and villages.

But, as it turned out, not everywhere people can enjoy fresh air without prejudice to the work process. FAN I tried, using the example of the Perm Territory, to figure out how important it is to provide high-speed Internet to the territories of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and what the difficulties may be.

Comfort for work

Director for Digital Transformation, Rostec State Corporation Rachik Petrosyan previously said that it is impossible to solve the problem of digital transformation without involving the market and business.

“Officials will not be able to find answers to questions for all industries. Such a task can be solved only in conjunction with business, by maximally consolidating their intellectual, technological and investment potential, “Petrosyan explained. &nbsp/&nbspbruce mars

It is no longer surprising that many job seekers and employers consider the criterion of the possibility of remote employment as a matter of course, and sometimes even defining.

“Of course, at a certain moment, companies liked it as well, which managed to save on rent and salaries. Today, remote salary is not inferior to the full-time format, and sometimes vice versa. Nevertheless, many employers are comfortable with this, ”said the administrator of the professional community“ Angry HR ”to FAN. Natalia Pospelova.

According to the expert, this is a trend that will gain momentum, but will only become available if a person has the opportunity to independently organize a comfortable workplace for himself anywhere in the region.

“Conditionally – why is it convenient for a company from Moscow or St. Petersburg to have a person from Perm work remotely for them, but it should be inconvenient for a Perm organization for an employee to be, for example, in Tchaikovsky and also benefit them. But, of course, we need technological accessibility, ”Pospelova is sure.

Infrastructure ready

The Ministry of Information Development and Communications of Prikamye explained that as part of the first stage of the UCP, Wi-Fi access points with a speed of 10 Mbit / s will be installed in the region. The radius of their action will be up to 100 m. They will cover social facilities in 39 settlements with a population of 250 to 500 people.

In June, Wi-Fi points were launched in 10 rural areas: Saturday clean-ups, der. Boroduli, der. Kukets, der. Lower Galino in the Vereshchagin district, pos. and Art. Kutamysh, pos. and Art. Selyanka, pos. Central, der. Kopalno, der. Kuchino, Chusovsky district.

The operator, PJSC Rostelecom, has laid over 200 km of fiber-optic communication lines. More than three thousand rural residents gradually during the summer get the opportunity to use government services in electronic form, social networks and order goods in online stores.

&nbsp/&nbspMinistry of Information Development and Communications of the Perm Territory

In order to connect to the global network, the user needs to go through authorization in any of the two ways provided by law: by SMS or using a confirmed account of the single portal “Gosuslugi”.

“Until the end of 2021, tens of thousands of residents of the Kama region will be provided with high-quality mobile Internet. After the base stations are put into operation and the necessary equipment is connected to settlements where there are no sales offices, the company’s specialists will go to draw up contracts and issue SIM cards, “said the director of the Perm branch of PJSC Rostelecom Peter Kozlovsky.

Wi-Fi hotspots will soon appear among residents of Aleksandrovsky, Vereshchaginsky, Gubakhinsky, Dobryansky, Elovsky, Ilyinsky, Kosinsky, Kungursky, Solikamsky, Chastinsky, Cherdynsky and Chusovsky districts.

For life and health

Here are just a small part of the appeals addressed to the deputies of the legislative assembly of the Kama region:

“Karagai region – communications and the Internet work only in Karagai, but they are not in the district”;

“In the village of Ilyino (Krasnokamsky District), there is no way to go online. Since I am a future student, I will need to regularly go online, but there is no opportunity. I ask you to consider my appeal “;

“There is no Internet in Vereshchaginsky district, Kuketsky village. Children go to school. What should we do? I am a mother of many children – three schoolchildren and one at the school ”;

“I live in the Komi-Permyak district, the village of Kuzva. We only have the Internet in one place. And it is located almost a kilometer away. “

According to the parliamentarian Irina Ivenskikh, there are still many territories in the region where there is no Internet at all, or it is extremely unstable.

“It is important here and now to resolve the issue of digital inequality, every resident should have access to high-quality communications. There is a solution – this is the development of its own regional digital programs and the participation of the region in federal projects, – explained FAN Ivenskikh. – At the expense of the national program “Digital Economy”, more than 300 socially significant objects, primarily schools and FAPs, have already been connected to high-speed Internet in Prikamye. Thanks to the regional program “Development of the Information Society”, the mobile Internet will be provided for 22 thousand residents in 70 distant territories from the regional centers in the next two years. “ &nbsp/&nbspAdministration of the Governor of the Perm Territory

Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin previously noted that the presence of the Internet improves the quality of life. If in some localities this service is not available, it means that issues with the development of electronic services are not being resolved.

“The pandemic has shown that free internet access is essential, in particular for education. His absence, as well as the lack of mobile communication, is a potential threat to life and health, ”emphasized Dmitry Makhonin. – Equal study opportunities regardless of place of residence is one of the main conditions for a quality education. It is digital technologies that help children from different regions receive the same knowledge and be competitive in the future. ”

Additional features

Pyotr Shilovskikh noted at the July meeting of the regional government that more than 2.4 million residents of the Kama region are users of electronic services. Of these, 1.4 million have confirmed their accounts.

“This allows them to send applications for all services that are provided in this form, and get results on them. In total, in 2020, 30.2 million applications for services were submitted to various authorities and local governments in the region, of which 6.5 million were in electronic form, ”the minister said.

To transfer socially significant services into electronic form, the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services will be used. There it will be possible to apply for the appointment of benefits for a child from a low-income family, compensation for the costs of paying for housing, a contribution for overhaul, the provision of subsidies for payment of housing and utilities, the issuance of a permit for transactions with the property of minors and many others.

“Also, residents can use the services of satellite Internet operators, which will allow them to get high-speed access to the Internet, in particular in the area where there is no mobile Internet coverage. To make calls, the Voice Wi-Fi function is also available, which exists with a number of operators. It allows you to make calls to the telephone network through the installed application. Residents get the opportunity to make voice calls, as well as read and send text messages, “- noted the press service of the Ministry of Communications of the Kama region.

An interactive map of communication services has also been launched in the Perm Territory. The digital service allows you to find out what territory of the region each of the cellular operators covers, as well as to see the availability of Internet access in the settlements of the Kama region.

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