NOOR TV Started On NEW TP YahSat-1A @52.5East 2021

NOOR TV Started On NEW TP YahSat-1A @52.5East 2021


Here is the frequency, system, Symbol Rate, FEC, group, type and other details for the channel NOOR TV in satellite YahSat-1A @52.5E

The frequency of the channel is MPEG4/HD/FTA System is and FEC is.


Noor TV’s programs are broadcast 24-hours and include: world news, children’s and youth programming, game, cooking, music and talk shows.

The mission of Noor TV is to promote harmony in the oft-fractious Afghan communities in the United States and Canada.

NOOR TV working on frequency YahSat-1A

Noor TV
YahSat-1A @52.5E
TP: 12188 V 27500
Started On NEW TP


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