New Samsung Plans to Extend the Android Update and Security Policy-2022

New Samsung Plans to Extend the Android Update and Security Policy-2022


The time is drawing near towards the Feb event 2022. We are getting rumors and news regarding the other things


that Samsung has planned for tSamsung Plans to Extend the Android Update and Security Policyhe event. The rumor has it that Samsung is planning to extend the Android update and Security Policy. The Android updates, which earlier was extended from two years to three years; now it will be extended to four years from three years.

Furthermore, it is said that Samsung is extending its Security Policy patches for five year which was earlier four years. Here below we will discuss the devices that are eligible for the rumored years extension.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series namely Galaxy S21,Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21 FE as well as the new upcoming Galaxy S22 series and even the new Galaxy Tab S8 lineup. The folding series of Samsung are also included in the list for updates i.e. Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

These updates for the customers are no doubt great news. The customers will stay with their Samsung devices for longer without shifting to other company’s devices. The customer will enjoy the updates of OS and security.

If the rumor is true the upcoming Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 will be launched with the Android 12, and it will be getting its update after four years i.e. 2025-2026. Other than these update, these devices will be having the security update for the coming five years.

The rumor are exciting news but as they are rumors so we should not keep too high expectations as they may not be as rumored.


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