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Description and main technical characteristics of trucks in Ukraine: the most popular models for 2020, photo. Video about trucks.

The Ukrainian truck market is changing qualitatively from year to year. On the roads of the country there are more and more Scania and Man trucks, fewer and fewer domestic KRAZs and Russian KAMAZs.

The only CIS manufacturer that was able not only to stay on the Ukrainian market, but to increase sales and fully occupy the “transport for the municipal sector” niche is MAZ trucks. The Belarusian brand is very confident, despite any economic difficulties and political instability, opens new assembly shops in Ukraine.

What are the most popular trucks in Ukraine in 2020?

Scania G440 8×4 XT

Scania G440 8x4 XT

In terms of total sales in the truck segment, Scania ranks 4th in the country, and the first place in the segment went to mining dump trucks. In 2019, the mining complex of Ukraine purchased the most expensive equipment and signed the largest contracts. Scania sold 485 new and 180 three-year-old trucks, opened two service centers in Odessa and Lutsk.

The segment leader in 2020 was the Scania G440 8 × 4 XT truck, which went on sale a year earlier. The Swedish dump truck competed with domestic KRAZ ten years ago and by 2020 ousted KRAZ from the segment.

The G440 belongs to the Scania XT series, the G440 generation represents not an upgrade of the previous truck, but completely new technical solutions.

The front bumper has a 25-degree tilt and the truck is equipped with mirror amplifiers. There is a metal protective shield for the engine, grilles on the headlights, a reinforced body withstands significant blows from flying off rocks.

The four-axle truck has a lifting capacity of 40 tons; the centrally located tug provides up to 40 tonnes of bollard pull, which is required if a load is to be towed.

Scania outperforms traditional mining equipment in a number of parameters: reduced fuel consumption, emission compliance with the Euro-6 protocol, better maneuverability, optimal speed. An important advantage of a dump truck is the ability to move on public roads without special permission.

The dump truck is equipped with a diesel internal combustion engine with a return of 440 liters. with., the engine is aggregated with its own Scania gearbox of the Opticruise class. “Mechanics” (12 + 2) with automatic switching is adapted for harsh operating conditions. The intermediate shaft of the manual gearbox is equipped with a brake, which allows you to quickly change to another gear without losing power. The main purpose of the dump truck is to transport ore, rocks, stone.



Trucks of the Minsk Automobile Plant have been popular in the municipal industry of Ukraine for more than twenty years. Over the past five years, the brand has firmly established itself in the market and ranks first in sales.

In the first half of 2020, about 300 trucks were sold; according to Ukrautoprom, 59 new MAZs were sold in June.

Since mid-2019, the Minsk Automobile Plant has been supplying several options for municipal vehicles to the country; trucks with double-row cabins have become a novelty. Transport is used simultaneously for the transportation of people and goods and is in demand by the country’s fire service and rescuers.

All chassis are available with 6×6, 4×4, 4×2 wheel configurations, depending on the specifics of the vehicle.

The truck for the MAZ-5309S5 fire brigade has been equipped for the second year with a two-row cab with 4 doors with a second row of seats for 4 people. All fire brigades of Kiev and the region are provided with special transport.

The MAZ-5340S2-3525-013 truck, the second most popular special transport, has a 4×2 wheel arrangement, a carrying capacity of 12.5 tons, and is provided with a two-row cab for 6 people. The transport was purchased by rescuers from Western Ukraine to fight forest fires and floods. Cranes and a pumping station are installed on the chassis. The truck is equipped with a 240 hp diesel engine. with. and a reinforced mechanical transmission.

One of the best vehicles for power engineers and gas workers was recognized transport on the MAZ-6302S5 all-wheel drive chassis with a 6×6 formula. The truck has the option of disabling the front axle, there are center and cross-axle differentials. This transfer case allows you to operate the machine in difficult working conditions. The total weight of the transport has been reduced to 10,180 kg, the carrying capacity is 15.5 tons.

Mercedes-Benz Actros

Mercedes-Benz Actros

Mercedes-Benz trucks have been deservedly popular in Ukraine for several years. Today the brand ranks second in the new car sales market, the total percentage of heavy vehicles sold is 12%. In June 2020, 44 trucks were sold in the country.

The novelty of the season was the innovative Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor, the presentation of the new model took place in October 2019.

The fifth generation of Actros tractors impressed everyone with an abundance of electronic assistants and a new level of comfort – this is a digital interior, the absence of rear-view mirrors – instead of them, video cameras, a level 2 autopilot are installed. In tractor technology, engineers have implemented more than 60 innovative solutions that are used for the first time in the world.

The control display is located in the side panels and replaces the rear-view mirrors, has day and night operation, the viewing angle reaches 270 degrees when cornering. This allows the driver to view the tail of the trailer, which can go up to 24 meters, with the “blind spot” limited to a few degrees.

There is not a single control button on the dashboard, all options are implemented on two displays, in which all information about the operation of the units and control buttons is integrated. Thanks to this solution, each truck can be customized to suit the driver’s needs. There is an option to receive data in the standard graph of a speedometer, pressure gauge, or display information in numbers in a separate block.

Active Drive Assist implements level 2 autopilot, the perfectly balanced braking system responds to the autopilot signal and assists the driver in case of emergency braking. The braking distance of a 50-ton trailer is reduced to that of a passenger car traveling at 70 km / h.

DAF XF 480

DAF XF 480

The DAF XF 480 tractor model remains the European market leader in the 16-tonne segment due to the lowest fuel consumption. The engines, upgraded to comply with the Euro-5 and Euro-6 emissions protocol, provide an average consumption of a laden vehicle at the level of 27 liters. This economical consumption is provided by the Genuine DAF Pure Excellence transmission, the technology of which was first introduced in 2017.

The tractor remains the leader in sales in those countries where there is no production of their own trucks with similar characteristics. In 2020, a 40-ton DAF dump truck was presented in Ukraine, for the supply of which multimillion-dollar contracts were signed. This is the best transport in the construction segment – the tractor has unique handling characteristics and can be turned almost on the spot.

The Super Space cab type has the largest internal volume with all modern comfort features for a complete driver’s rest. The tractor is driven by a 12.9-liter internal combustion engine with a capacity of 480 liters. with. The TraXon 12 transmission with MX Engine Brake has a 360 kW engine brake.

The truck is equipped with modern assistance systems: adaptive cruise control, a lane departure warning system, Advanced Emergency Braking topographic maps, an axle load control system, etc.

Renault Trucks

Renault T и T High

In June 2020, Renault trucks took second place in sales – the company sold 108 heavy vehicles, the most popular are T and T High class long-haul tractors. New items were presented at the beginning of the year and have already entered the balance of state institutions.

The 2020 T High long-haul tractor shows good economic performance and provides the driver with maximum comfort on weekly journeys. The Renault Trucks T series has a three-dimensionally adjustable steering column, comfortable driver’s seats and an enlarged compartment for night rest. In addition, the useful area for storing personal belongings has been increased in the car – these are additional sections for 221 liters, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, etc.

Among the equipment, experts note Roadpad + systemwhich acts as an onboard assistant with built-in satnav navigation.

The T High mainline tractor is equipped with a DTI 11 and DTI 13 engine under the Euro-6 protocol. The engine has a 3% reduction in fuel consumption, high productivity and reliability. Lightweight disc brakes help reduce fuel consumption and ensure the shortest braking distances.

A feature of the engines of the tractors of 2020 remains the adaptation of the units to various types of fuel – in addition to the standard diesel engine, the engines can run on XTL synthetic fuel and use biodiesel.

Ford F-MAX

Ford F-MAX

Ford trucks rank third in sales in the country since the beginning of 2020 – 88 models were sold in Ukraine in June. The statistics include both heavy tractors with a carrying capacity of 60 tons and light commercial vehicles.

The excitement in the market was caused by the Ford F-MAX model, which in 2019 received the title of “best truck of the year”. The Ukrainian company our source daily supplies several Ford F-MAX for the agricultural and oil refining sectors of the country. The main advantages of the new tractor are minimal maintenance costs and low production costs. The price of F-MAX Ford Trucks is from 77,000 Euro, which is 30% lower than the cost of similar Mercedes and Scania tractors.

The 2020 Ford F-MAX is the result of five hundred Ford Otosan engineers over five years. In five years, 233 prototypes of serial trucks have been tested on five continents. After entering the series, the tractor, tested in the most extreme conditions, from the first days, has become a serious competitor in the segment from 30 tons.

The truck is equipped with a 12-liter diesel unit with a productivity of 500 liters. with., the engine is modernized under the Euro-6 emission protocol. The motor is aggregated with an automatic box. The interior of the car is adjusted to the requirements of the driver. The manufacturer has established a car warranty for up to 3 years.

IVECO Trakker


Trucks of the IVECO brand have become leaders in Ukraine in two segments at once – the best vehicle for cargo transportation on bad roads and a popular truck in the segment of dump trucks that are used for road construction.

IVECO Stralis HI-WAY EVO is the best tractor for cargo transportation in the country. The model was presented at the end of 2019, 140 trucks were sold in the country in the first half of the year.

The Stralis AS440S42TP RR truck tractor is recognized as the leader in international transportation of the CIS, the top version of the Hi-Way Evo has a 4×2 wheel arrangement, is equipped with a 420-horsepower unit, modernized for the Euro-6 protocol.

The truck provides the best profitability in freight transport, showing the lowest fuel consumption and high productivity. The driver’s cabin is designed for two people, there is a comfortable berth, the overall dimensions of the cabin are 10 sq. meters, ceiling height – 2 meters. Inside, you can organize a full-fledged place for rest and eating, there is a refrigerator, air conditioning, an autonomous heater, etc.

The tractor is equipped with all modern control and safety systems: EBS – emergency braking system, adaptive cruise control, road monitoring systems ESP, LDWS. The truck is equipped with an updated FPT Cursor 11 class engine with HI-SCR technology. A feature of the engine on all Iveco trucks is the absence of exhaust recirculation, only clean cooled air enters the cylinders. This allows the internal combustion engine to have the highest service life.


The country’s truck fleet is updated every year. The Ukrainian market remains attractive for manufacturers, but more than half of the vehicle fleet in the agricultural, utilities and construction sectors needs to be updated. High competition gives rise to a decrease in the price of transport, and those companies that can offer favorable prices and a base of components will always be in demand.

Truck video:

Description and main technical characteristics of trucks in Ukraine: the most popular models for 2020, photo. Video about trucks.

Trucks in Ukraine: the most popular for 2020


  1. Scania G440 8×4 XT
  2. MAZ
  3. Mercedes-Benz Actros
  4. DAF XF 480
  5. Renault Trucks
  6. Ford F-MAX
  7. IVECO Trakker
  8. Truck videos

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