Meta to Rename Facebook Pay Soon 2022

Meta to Rename Facebook Pay Soon 2022


Facebook Inc. changed its name to Meta a few months ago and it has started to rename its products and services. For example, the Oculus Quest and Facebook Portal devices, are now known as the Meta Quest and Meta Portal. Now, recently, Stephane Kasriel, Meta’s head of fintech services, revealed the news in a blog post that the company is planning to rename Facebook Pay to Meta Pay.

Meta to Rename Facebook Pay Soon

Meta is also seeking ways regarding how it can improve the payment experience across its platforms. Meta is in the “very early phases” of contemplating how a single wallet experience may work, according to Kasriel. He explained that Meta’s primary introspection is focused on how you prove your identity and carry it into various metaverse experiences.

The organization is also thinking about how you may store and carry your digital items with you wherever you go. Finally, the organization is looking into how you can pay quickly and conveniently with the payment method of your choice, whether you are sending it to a buddy or to a business or artist. The company intends to provide additional information on this in the future. In this regard, Kasriel said,

Our path forward is grounded in our mission to empower everyone, everywhere to access the world’s financial system to accelerate financial inclusion and economic empowerment. Designing products and infrastructure with the metaverse in mind today will help facilitate innovation that delivers greater access and real cost savings — before the metaverse even becomes mainstream. Now is the time to lay down the building blocks for the future. Because once that foundation is in place, the potential of the metaverse, and where it can take fintech next, will be limitless.



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