KING OF KINGS TV New Frequency Started on AmosSat-17 2021

KING OF KINGS TV New Frequency Started on AmosSat-17-@17.0E 2021

King of Kings was a ruling title employed primarily by monarchs based in the Middle East. Though most commonly associated with Iran historically known as Persia in the West, especially the Achaemenid and Sasanian Empires, the title was originally introduced during the Middle Assyrian Empire by king Tukulti-Ninurta I (reigned 1233–1197 BC) and was subsequently used in a number of different kingdoms and empires, including the aforementioned Persia, various Hellenic kingdoms, Armenia, Georgia, and Ethiopia.

AmosSat-17 @17.0E
FREQ: 11718 V 30000
MPEG4/SD/FTA Started

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