iPhone 14 Max is getting a surprise name change

iPhone 14 Max is getting a surprise name change

There are many rumors about Apple’s iPhone 14 Max for many months. One of the buzzes is that iPhone 14 Max is joining the iPhone lineup but getting a surprise name change.

The reports say that the two iPhone 14 models are at the entry-level and they will be named iPhone 14 Plus. The earlier rumor about iPhone 14 Max was wrong and now the news is that the phone will get added to the iPhone which will have a different name.

The iPhone model names will stay the same. The 6.1-inch phone will get the name iPhone 14 and also bother other iPhone 14 pro models. The 6.7-inch handsets will be named iPhone 14 Pro Max and the 6.1-inch handsets would be called iPhone 14 Pro.

Seems the new iPhone 14 Plus will replace the iPhone 14 mini. The reason behind changing the expected name of the iPhone 14 Max to iPhone 14 Plus can be to keep it different from other 6.7-inch iPhones. The other reason can be that it is keeping this model the most expensive of the iPhone lineup so that the model stands out from the other cheaper models. Though the phone is expected to be cheap but must be more expensive than other models. The last time Apple had given the name Plus to its iPhone was for iPhone 8 Plus. The pro series was introduced at the time of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Many other analysts have a different point of view about the iPhone name. They don’t think that Apple is going to give the Plus name to the iPhone 14. According to these analysts, Apple is going to name the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models in the same way it named iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

It is too early to confirm any point of view as all are rumors. Just when Apple will launch the new iPhone just then we can see things in a more organized way.

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