HD News Indus Frequency on Paksat @ 38.0°East 2021

HD News Indus Frequency on Paksat @ 38.0°East 2021

Indus News HD Frequency on Paksat @ 38.0°E. Indus Media Group (IMG) is a Pakistani firm broadcasting a mixture of free-to-air information and entertainment channels through satellite.IMG owns and operates the Indus brand of tv channels in various worldwide markets. Along with varied programming for many audiences, it gives day programming devoted to girls and is the first of its type from Pakistan. Indus News provides Urdu programming that includes: discussion shows, cooking shows, star interviews, soaps, news and perspectives, current affairs, sports, stock markets upgrades, and much more.



Indus News HD Frequency on 2021

The Indus News HD is available on Paksat IR @ 38 degrees east. The frequency of the channel is 4019, Polarity H & symbol rate is 12222.




Satellite: Paksat
Degrees: 38E
Frequency: 4019
Symbol Rate: 12222
Polarity: H
System: DVB-S2, 8PSK, MPEG-4, HD



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