Google Meet Launches picture-in-picture mode to Chrome

Google Meet Launches picture-in-picture mode to Chrome


Google Meet is one of the best platform when it comes to having online meetings with your colleagues sitting apart. Also, provides great experience when online classes are taken during summer camps. The best thing is that you cans see your friends faces and enjoy all day long by making fun of it or interacting. However sometimes opening a document is extremely important due to which you miss the charm of looking at each other and enjoy that non verbal interaction. However it seems that from now on this issue is going to go away since from today, Meet is picture-in-picture mode in picture support for chrome.

But these is a glitch. The new version of picture-in-picture doesn’t show in every call. Actually a window pops out, asking your to select four attendees or automatically selects the recent speakers in call. The window comes at the top of all the other windows, allowing you to see those members, while going through the documents.

Though this is a great addition but another thing that has come up with this update is a new Multipin feature. This feature is introduced to the calls for the very first time. This feature allows users keep more videos feed active at same time in calls.

Now the question arises that how we can activate PiP mode in our account. The method is quite easy, all we need to do is right click on the call and select this mode from the context menu. Right now these feature would be received for some users however both these feature including PiP and multipin are on an extended rollout plan. And in a week or two, this feature will hit everyone throughout the globe, including Workspace, G Suite, and personal accounts.

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