Experts Urged The Church To Get Involved In The Creation Of Youth Media Projects In Russia

Experts in interviews FAN appreciated the decision to allocate extraordinary additional funding “for the production of state content, including those aimed at the formation of civic identity and spiritual and moral values ​​among young people.” The funds in the amount of 7 billion rubles will be allocated from the Government Reserve Fund and transferred to the Institute of Internet Development ANO.

Chairman of the Public Council under the Ombudsman and Head of the Council of Fathers of Russia Andrey Kochenov supported the decision to allocate additional funding for these purposes. At the same time, he noted that a fundamentally new structure is needed to implement the assigned tasks.

“It should be one department that is responsible for what gets published and what the result will be. In addition, the content must be created by a team of people who themselves adhere to traditional values. This needs to be made a serious alternative to the rest of the content. In other words, it should not become a spoonful of honey in a fly in the ointment, since there are a lot of anti-values ​​broadcast on the Internet now, and this, unfortunately, attracts the attention of young people, ”the expert expressed his point of view.

The FAN interlocutor also suggested involving public figures in the creation of spiritual and moral content for young people.

“The state should orient young people towards spiritual and moral values. And it’s great that there is such a proposal to develop youth content in this direction. Another question: what do we mean by spiritual and moral values? Everyone has their own understanding of spirituality and morality, ”Kochenov noted.

He drew attention to the fact that spirituality in the traditional sense implies religiosity, which means those values ​​that are embedded in Orthodox Christianity and other traditional religions.

“When we talk about morality, we mean the best human qualities: modesty, kindness, respect for each other, responsibility … We described all these characteristics a few years ago in the Code of Man and Father, which tells about what a young man should be guided by. … Love for the Motherland, the history of the country, the people, their land, family; masculinity, firmness, perseverance … It is important to define in the glossary what we will broadcast through the new content. If our traditional spiritual and moral values, then we are for! ” – added the chairman of the Council of Fathers of Russia.

Experts suggested defining the concept of morality for youth content

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Kochenov stressed the need to form a common culture and state policy in the revival of the spiritual and moral foundations of society, calling the production of special content for young people an important step in this direction.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Center for Assistance to Missing and Injured Children Elena Milskaya also spoke positively about the government’s decision to increase funding for the production of content for youth, but at the same time pointed out the insufficient results of the work in this direction, which had been carried out up to this point.

“It is very important that the allocated funds are used rationally, and we have all seen the real results of the work of the organizations receiving subsidies. It is imperative that our youth develop a correct picture of the world, so that our children and adolescents know well the history of their country, its culture, because thanks to all this, the unique self-identity of our nation is being formed. Can we say that the measures taken earlier to create positive content on the Internet have borne fruit? We do not see this, ”Milskaya emphasized.

The FAN interlocutor noted that the Russian segment of the Internet has not yet appeared a sufficient number of high-quality educational and educational materials. She also drew attention to the need to use their own sites for posting content.

“You can’t just bet on social networks and platforms like TikTok. This is not a platform that is designed for education, ”she said.

Experts suggested defining the concept of morality for youth content

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As positive examples of content for young people, Elena Milskaya cited the program “Gramotey” on the TV channel “Culture”, as well as the program “12th Floor”, aired on Soviet television. Don’t underestimate TV content and its impact on young people, she said.

“We should not buy the rights to formats from abroad, but create our own programs that are made for our people,” the expert added. – The fact that young people do not watch TV is a myth. They don’t watch uninteresting content. Therefore, it is necessary that the Russian central TV channels show high-quality educational programs. Modern Russian television is in dire need of programs that broaden their horizons, form patriotism, and love for the culture of their native country. Children need help in forming a healthy picture of the world, ”the expert added.

The FAN interlocutor said that even programs dedicated to IT literacy and technological savvy of children do not involve teaching creativity.

“We need quizzes with adults and children. These should not be “guessing games” like the USE, but a full-fledged assessment of erudition and outlook. In addition, spiritual education is no less important; the church should help in creating programs for the formation of the moral side of the personality of young people. For my part, I can assure you that we have formed a pool of programs and projects ready for production. We hope that our initiatives will be implemented and high-quality TV programs will soon appear on central TV channels, ”added Milskaya.

Information on the allocation of an additional 7 billion rubles from the Reserve Fund on August 17 was reported by the media, citing sources in the media industry. It was also confirmed by the director general of the institute, Anton Klochkin. The total amount of funding allocated for the production of content for young people will thus more than triple: before that it was about 3 billion rubles.

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