Experts Have Named Ways To Remove Obsessive Thoughts Before Bed

The abundance of thoughts in the head is a scourge of modern humanity. Some people fill their minds with thoughts so much that they cannot sleep.

Surely everyone is familiar: you lie at night in a ventilated room, all the conditions for perfect sleep have been created, but it never comes. The reason for this is thoughts that do not want to leave their heads.

What happened today? What awaits us tomorrow? Why didn’t I tell her I love you? Why didn’t you hit first in 2004? The mind can endlessly throw up ideas for pondering and pull out incidents of bygone times from the archives.

It is worth noting that by going over these memories in our head, we make the body experience the same emotions as during the events that occurred, and this is very harmful for it. This could very well be a sign of an anxiety disorder or even the onset of depression. It is urgent to get rid of annoying garbage in the head so as not to bring the matter to the doctor.

There is no single decision on this issue. ELLE Magazine specifically contacted various experts for this.

For example, Colin Espie, professor of sleep medicine at Oxford University, explained that a calm mind is considered the main condition for sound sleep.

“If you are annoyed by the thought of a problem and you cannot sleep, try to switch your brain to a topic without alarming connotations in order to occupy your mind,” the expert recommends.

Espy invites you to come up with a situation and develop it in your imagination with all the details. As an example, he suggested that you imagine that you inherited a gorgeous estate and you are equipping it. Or you can become a director for a few minutes and assign roles in Hamlet to your friends.

According to fellow sleep specialist Jenny June, the best way to combat insomnia is to shift your focus to a low-energy activity. However, he advises not to turn on the phone or computer.

“Open your notebook, personal diary, or take a piece of paper and write down the thoughts that keep you awake, ending with the words:“ This can wait until tomorrow. ” Then go back to bed, close your eyes, focus on the breath and this mantra, ”advises June.

The founder of the psychological center for children and adults HappySleepers Jenny Stevenson is sure that deep breathing is a great way to save you from thinking before going to bed. According to her, this method is one of the most powerful for distracting from unobtrusive thoughts. Stevenson also advises to accompany the inhalation and exhalation with a rhythmic counting.

“The exhalation should be longer than the inhalation, and alternate between them with pauses: count to three on the inhale – pause, count to five on the exhale – another pause. Concentrate on this exercise if your mind wanders. It will work in about ten minutes – tested on myself, “- explained the expert.

But sleep therapist Neil Stanley, on the contrary, assures that during insomnia, you cannot tune yourself to sleep and make you fall asleep. He suggests that you stop persuading yourself to sleep and give yourself the mindset to stay awake. In this case, as the specialist notes, the body has a chance to fall into the arms of Morpheus.

“The level of arousal will decrease, thoughts will gradually subside and the body will calm down,” explained Stanley.

There are also radical ways, but it is best to try to use what is suggested above. The main thing is to realize that you and your thoughts are not the same, and just drive them away. Health is more expensive!

Earlier it was reported that the exhibition “Dream” was held in the Samara Museum of Art Nouveau, dedicated to people’s ideas about sleep at the turn of the XIXXX centuries.

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