Disney Channel Frequency On Apster_7 @76.5°E 2021

Disney Channel Frequency On 2021:


Disney Channel Group consists of many countries channels. Disney network is very wild network in world. Many countries has launched disney channel. Especially at first disney channel was launched by America.
Disney Channel was launched nationally as a premium channel on April 18, 1983, at 7:00 a.m. on Eastern Time. The first program ever aired on this channel and was its first series, Good Morning, Mickey,


Group Name Disney Channel:


Disney network having other channels. Disney network is a cartoon network. Its programmes are only cartoon. They make many animated films.

Disney Channel UK:
Disney Channel Asia:
Disney Junior:
Disney xD:

Channel Name —————- Disney Channel

Satellite Name —————- Apstar 7 @76.5°E

Frequency —————– 3880

Symbol Rate —————– 30000

Positioner —————– Horizontal

Dish Size —————— 7fit (Pakistan)

Mpeg2 / sd / powervu:

PowerVu key=

00: 273A F84A 63D9 6700

01: 9AA6 19AC 1D7D B400

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