colors bangla cinema frequency last updated satellite-2022

colors bangla cinema frequency last updated satellite-AsiaSat 7


Here is the frequency, system, Symbol Rate, FEC, group, type and other details for the channel Capital TV News in satellite AsiaSat 7 @ 105.5° E..

The frequency of the channel is 3709 V , System is DVB-S, and FEC is 3/4.




  • Channel Name:____Colors Bangla Cinema
  • Satellite:_______AsiaSat 7 @ 105.5° E
  • Frequency:_______3709 V 15000
  • FEC:_____________3/4
  • Quality:_________DVB-S/QPSK/MPEG-4/HD
  • Here Latest update January 2022

Colors Bangla Cinema (Bengali: কালার্স বাংলা সিনেমা) is an Indian compensation TV film divert broadcasting in Bengali language claimed by Viacom 18.

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