Can Artificial Intelligence Replace A Living Soldier

Recently, there has been a lot of talk and writing about artificial intelligence (AI), since automation has long been a part of production and management processes, and computers have learned to recognize speech and faces, drive cars and analyze gigantic data sets. It seems that artificial intelligence has long been created and is everywhere. However, it is not. Engineers are still trying to teach iron to perform creative functions that have traditionally been considered the prerogative of humans. Artificial intelligence is just learning to make decisions on its own, based on the collected information.

Yes, there is no AI yet, it has yet to be created, but it really has a lot of applications, including the defense sphere. At present, Russia, the United States, China, Great Britain, Israel and a number of other countries are implementing national military programs that make it possible to systematize and automate control systems for troops and weapons, as well as other models of military equipment. Today, for example, control systems collect information that is presented in a variety of forms: photo, video and radar images, audio and text messages in different languages ​​obtained from cyberspace. It is known that the Pentagon spends tens of billions of dollars annually on such developments.

However, according to experts, these systems can hardly be called artificial intelligence, because they are not self-learning, but strictly follow the algorithms “wired” by the developers. Despite this, scientists are moving closer to the creation of real AI every day. Perhaps he can replace the soldier on the battlefield. And who knows, maybe then the history of the Hollywood film “The Terminator” about the uprising of machines will sparkle with new colors.

Rise of the machines: can artificial intelligence replace the living soldier

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Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the PRUE Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev told in an interview Federal News Agencywhether artificial intelligence can replace a living soldier on the battlefield. There will be no machine uprising, he said, as AI will play a supporting role.

“In my opinion, artificial intelligence, I am sure of this, will only help the soldier. AI will never replace the human brain. In science there is such a term – a decision-maker. Artificial intelligence will never be able to make independent decisions, especially in extreme conditions. He can only advise a person on how to act correctly in a given situation, but he will not be able to command an army on the battlefield. Artificial intelligence is unable to perform creative functions that are inherent in humans. It is also not inherent in such concepts as military comradeship, hatred of the enemy, love for the Motherland, readiness to sacrifice oneself in the name of relatives and friends, ”said the FAN interlocutor.

Alexander Perendzhiev is sure that artificial intelligence cannot be humanized.

“I want to say that in the movie“ The Terminator, ”artificial intelligence wanted to seize power and establish a dictatorship in the United States. But, as we already know, these feelings are characteristic only of a person – not a machine. I doubt it will ever be possible to humanize AI. Let me give you an example: many people use the navigator. Yes, he helps in a normal, relaxed environment in most cases and shows the correct route. But in more difficult situations, when it is necessary to make the right decision, he begins to “dull”. Therefore, one cannot fully rely on artificial intelligence in battle, ”summed up Alexander Perendzhiev.

Earlier, Kaspersky Lab specialists developed a neural network that can be used to search for people from above. It will allow you to determine the scale of floods, forest fires, hurricanes and parse data for geodetic or cadastral services.

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