Blogger Green Cat Is Preparing A Space Startup That Will Bypass Competitors

The services of an interorbital tug for moving and launching satellites, cleaning up space debris, orbital servicing will be in great demand in 5-6 years, besides, there are no competitors in this niche today. About this in an interview FAN at the MAKS-2021 site told the founder of the “Open Space” project Vitaly Egorovknown as the blogger Green Cat. Together with the team, he recently started working on a project to deliver scientific and commercial satellites into deep space.

“Our project is an interorbital tug. It is designed to change the position or place the payload, as well as launch detachable vehicles into orbits. And what kind of orbits it will be – near-earth or interplanetary – that’s how the customer will say, ”said Egorov.

The founder of the space startup noted that today the tugboat, on the project of which his team is working, cannot fly from a near-earth orbit to a more distant one, for example, a circumlunar one.

“If necessary, you can use a rocket – it provides a second space speed. Our device can carry out the necessary corrections along the flight path and enter the orbit not only of the Moon, but also of Mars or Venus, ”the agency’s interlocutor added.

At the same time, the blogger admitted that his project at this stage is unlikely to withstand competition in the global market for launch services in space.

“We are already too late to win. What we are developing now is just the first step to move on. This is a technological base that will allow creating a team, providing ground infrastructure, cooperation in order to establish all stages of development, testing, production, – the blogger explained.

He noted that after passing this stage – approximately in 5-6 years – he and his team will be able to enter a market where there are no players today.

“This is the provision of services for cleaning up space debris, orbital services, and inspections. In fact, there are no such markets today. We are now developing technologies that will be in demand in 5-6 years. And then we will already be in the place where we will be able to compete from scratch, and not enter the market, where the constantly increasing number of competitors is already trampling down, ”concluded Vitaly Egorov.

He noted that this could happen around the second half of the 2020s, but it is extremely difficult to set a clear timetable. In the next 10 years, according to the blogger, a lot will change in interaction with near-earth vehicles, in the services they provide, in the regulation of their work in orbit.

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