Baretsky Announced The Release Of Zinc Coffin Houses, Invulnerable In The Flood

New challenges require new solutions – against the backdrop of more frequent floods, it became obvious that the previous architectural solutions had exhausted themselves. About this in an interview FAN said the president of the Union of Professional Ritual Agents Stanislav Baretsky.

Until recently, the western lands of the Federal Republic of Germany suffered from unprecedented floods caused by heavy rains. The Internet was flooded with videos of houses floating right through the streets, in which people desperately swarming for life. Many of them lost their property and documents, left literally without means of subsistence, and now, instead of the election campaign, German politicians are forced to help them survive. All this might not have happened if the Germans lived in houses built according to the revolutionary method of Stas Baretsky – at least, the author of the book “Brother-3” claims.

“I often deal with zinc coffins and I know that the best material is used for their manufacture,” the president of the Union of Professional Ritual Agents shared his observations. “So soon we will create a prototype of a private residential building made entirely of zinc, and then we will put it into mass circulation.”

The writer is convinced that his invention will be very useful to the FRG, because in the western regions of the country there are very awkward dams, which have to be opened during severe flooding so that they themselves are not blown away by the water flow.

Baretsky announced the release of zinc coffin houses, invulnerable to the flood

photo from the personal archive of Stas Baretsky &nbsp/&nbsp

“And I decided that I would put these zinc houses on such floating cushions, like a catamaran, and at the X-hour they would not just not sink, but would float along the waves,” Baretsky said. – Thus, all the property of the tenants will be sealed in such a kind of capsule: nothing will leak, will not rot, will not deteriorate. Documents and money will remain intact! Zinc is generally a cool topic: it is thin, light and cheap, the standard residential structures that we will build from it will cost no more than a million rubles. “

The writer emphasized: his houses will be like floats, so they will also be relevant on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, where locals can use them to move from one piece of land to another, and thus can even change their country of residence if they suddenly come to power in their homeland. military junta.

“Everybody says that London and Peter can go under water,” the showman recalled. “So I propose to put the Hermitage on such a floating zinc cushion so that our cultural heritage remains safe.”

Earlier, an interlocutor of FAN beat a transgender man in Vkusville and was caught on video.

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