Animal Planet Started New Frequency on Thor 6 @ 1° W

Animal Planet Started New Frequency on Thor 6 @ 1° W


Animal Planet TV
Thor 6 @ 1° W
FREQ:10872 V 25000
Here Latest update-January-2022

Animal Planet (adapted as creature planet) is an American global compensation TV station claimed by Discovery, Inc. First settled on June 1, 1996,[1] the organization is principally given to series and narratives about wild creatures and homegrown pets.[2]

The channel was initially a joint endeavor with BBC Studios, and leaned toward instructive programming like nature narratives. Since its underlying send off, the channel’s objective socioeconomics creature darlings; which are youngsters and family crowds during morning and daytime, and for mature crowds during early evening and late evening. In 2008 Animal Planet embraced a more adult programming bearing, with an accentuation on forceful and ruthless depictions of creatures, just as an expansion as a general rule programs adhering to characters engaged with creature related occupations and examinations. Creature Planet rebranded again in October 2018, moving back towards an all the more family-situated heading, regardless of as yet circulating a few mature projects.

As of January 2016, around 91,603,000 families get Animal Planet.[3] Discovery has likewise settled or authorized global variants of the station in different areas.

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