A2 HD (Turkey) today latest New Frequency and 2021

A2 HD (Turkey) today latest New Frequency and 2021



The boom operator is part of the sound crew, and an assistant to the sound engineer or production sound mixer. The boom operator’s main responsibility is microphone placement, sometimes using a “fishpole” with a microphone attached to the end—and sometimes using a “boom” (most often a “fisher boom”). The fisher boom is a piece of equipment that the operator stands on that lets him precisely control the microphone at a greater distance from the actors. They also place wireless microphones on actors when necessary. The boom operator strives to keep the microphone boom near the action, but away from the camera frame so it never appears onscreen. They work closely with the production sound mixer, or sound recordist, to record all sound while filming including background noises, dialogue, sound effects, and silence.


• ‍Satellite——–Eutelsat 7A, 7°E

Digitürk: A new channel has started in DVB-S Irdeto 2:
A2 HD (Turkey) on
TP : 10845.25MHz, pol.V SR:30000
FEC:3/4 SID:8004 PID:2253[MPEG-4]/2809 Turkish.

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