10 Best Films Of 2014

Half of this year has passed, and we can already analyze the recently released products of the film industry to determine a list of the most outstanding ones.

1. She / Her

10 best films of the year

A beautiful sci-fi love story from Spike Jonze in which the character Theo (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with his computer’s operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). The movie “She” may well turn out to be prophetic, judging by how reverently some people already relate to their iPhones and MacBook Pros.

2. Only Lovers Left Alive

10 best films of the year

An extremely beautiful vampire tale, invented and directed by Jim Jarmusch. Starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, who perfectly managed to convey the mood of the film.

3. Stranger by the Lake

10 best films of the year

French thriller by Alain Guirody with explicit gay sex scenes. However, the director uses the topic of sex not only as a primitive source of thrill.
Recreation by the pond, promiscuous connections, murder, lust and danger …

4. Рейд 2 / The Raid 2

10 best films of the year-08

The action in the scenes is so effective that immediately after watching “Raid 2” you will be drawn to learn martial arts in order to be as cool as Iko Yuvays, who played the main role in the film by Gareth Evans. The chase on the highway and the girl with two hammers, who will become the new favorite of moviegoers, are shaking.

5. Catastrophe / Blue Ruin

10 best films of the year

Blue Ruin is a tragedy with the classic avenger brilliantly played by Macon Blair. The hero of the thriller from the director Jeremy Saulnier learned that the man who killed his parents was released on parole, and life turned upside down.

6. Edge of Tomorrow

10 best films of the year

Advertiser Tom Cruise is thrown against his will by a grumpy military general into battle with alien conquerors. Humanity lost the war, but the wonderful abilities that appeared in the hero Cruz, who killed one of the aliens before his death, allow him to start the last day he lived again and again, giving him a chance to fix the future. Essentially, Doug Lyman created a spectacular fusion of Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers. Emily Blunt became the undisputed highlight of the film.

7. Eli / Heli

10 best films of the year

Trying to do something right sometimes leads to dire consequences, as in Amata Escalante’s social drama Eli. Violence may alienate some viewers, but the film’s message also covers poverty in Mexico and the drug trade. And the plot is based on the love of 12-year-old Estela and a policeman who want to be together.

8. The Young and Prodigious TS Spivet

10 best films of the year

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet used the latest 3D technologies to create a rich family movie with stunning visuals. At the center of the story is a genius boy who embarked on an adventurous journey to receive the award he won.

9. The Golden Dream

10 best films of the year

Diego Kemad-Diez’s stunning debut, focusing on the story of three teenagers, one of whom is a girl disguised as a boy. They leave the dirty slums of Guatemala and go to America illegally. What happens to the heroes next, unfortunately, happens in real life with immigrants from Central America.

10. Camille Claudel, 1915 / Camille Claudel 1915

10 best films of the year

A true biographical film by Bruno Dumont about the famous sculptor Camille Claudel, portrayed by Juliette Binoche. Particular attention is paid to the key moments of Camille’s life, her emotional experiences and the period of treatment in a mental hospital.

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