Look slimmer in 4 seconds

No diet required. This move switches on your postural muscles and automatically makes you look an inch taller, a size smaller, and 100% happier.

  • 1

    Roll your shoulders down and back

  • 2

    Squeeze your shoulder blades together

  • 3

    Lift your chest up

  • 4

    Pull your belly button towards your spine

The best thing about having perfect posture is how you feel.
The stresses of your day won’t seep into your body if your back isn’t hunched over, your stomach doesn’t slump out and your shoulders stay a respectful distance from your ears.

Let’s be honest: maintaining perfect posture takes some practice. That’s why we’ve put lots of posture-strengthening moves into our Feelgood workouts – the T-bird and Stairway to Heaven in the Anti-Ager circuit will set you on the right track.

As your postural muscles get stronger, try the Kneeling Push-ups, Back Toner and Back Extensions in the Espresso Energiser circuit.


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