Healthy cocktails? Hell, yes

#boozespo is born from fresh, nutritious mixers

For a moment, let’s imagine vodka and rum are the hot new superfoods of 2016. Reality check: they are not. But what the hell, sometimes an evening calls for a cocktail. So why not mix your spirits with healthy ingredients?

Say hello to your new drinking crew…

cocktail-tray2The Cacao Mudslide: Cacao is the purest form of chocolate you can get; two teaspoons of the good stuff is choc-full of flavour (pardon the pun) with more antioxidants and less sugar than a processed chocolate syrup. Then add lots of ice, blitzed in your blender to a suckable frozen cocktail texture. While a regular mudslide involves vodka, Irish cream and a coffee liqueur, your head will hurt less tomorrow if you stick to vodka. Get your creaminess from coconut milk and throw in a half a shot of espresso for the coffee hit. Boom.

The Skinny Blue Bitch: Tonight the classic skinny bitch wears this season’s new accessory: purple pearls. This drink is basically a vodka soda and lime with blueberries. So simple. So sippable.

The Raspberry, Rum and Coconut Milk: Blend a good handful of raspberries with a shot of white rum, a splash of coconut milk and lots of ice. The ingredients do a cool separation trick in your glass, but the balance of tartness and creaminess means this drink has bite.

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