The healthiest way to make risotto

Risotto doesn’t have to be a carb-fest that requires a nap to recover. How will you make yours?

Feels Bad

White rice, smoked supermarket bacon, non-organic cream and a lump of processed, sawdusty Parmesan on top… you’re not going to feel great eating this

Feels ok

Risotto is better made with wholemeal rice and plenty of vegetables: try asparagus, peas and spring onions. Ask your butcher for smoked lardons as these deliver a salty, robust flavour with less chemicals. Use ricotta instead of cream – it gives you extra protein and one serving provides half of your daily recommended calcium intake, which balances out the fact you’ve added extra fat

Feels Good

Primavera with cauli rice is the healthiest risotto recipe. Cook yours with feelgood ingredients like broad beans, asparagus, red peppers, peas, spring onions, collard greens and lemon zest. Broad beans are the key ingredient: they’re a good plant source of protein and fibre, and also high in folate and B-vitamins which we use for cognitive function and energy. For a creamy taste with extra protein, stir a beaten egg into your risotto in the last few minutes on the hob. Pecorino cheese is full of flavour: a sprinkle is all you need. Decorate with pomegranate jewels and fresh basil, and your risotto scores superfood status.

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