Bread is not the devil

As the poster boy for bad carbs, bread gets a bad rep. This Feelgood grid reveals the healthy way to enjoy your loaf.

Feels Bad

White bread
Eating just 120g of white bread a day can cause obesity (1). Why? It’s processed sugar. But if life simply isn’t life without white bread, buy the freshly baked variety, slice it at home and freeze. It toasts fine from frozen and doesn’t have the toxic preservatives of processed white bread.

Feels ok

Wholegrain bread with seeds
Complex carbs slowly release energy thanks to their natural fibre, so you stay full for longer. So when you fancy a sandwich, make it wholegrain and you’ll actually eat it, rather than inhaling it. To go one better, eat your sandwich open-faced and you’ll get a better balance of protein, veggies and healthy fats to your carbs.

Feels Good

Dark, heavy breads like rye and spelt
In addition to the wholegrain benefits, nutty-tasting dark breads are rich in magnesium, which can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Enjoy your bread with healthy fats like proper butter (scientists have discovered the link between heart disease and natural saturated fat is a total myth (2)) or mashed avocado. Even better, top your toast with lean protein like smoked salmon.

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