This legs and butt workout gives you the freedom to indulge.

Your legs and bottom are home to your biggest muscles, so the more toned they are, the faster your metabolism will be.

As for cellulite, the weights in this challenging circuit target-tone your leg and buttock muscles to make lumps and bumps less visible, while the boost to your circulation helps cleanse your lymphatic system too.

This 15-minute legs and butt workout is intense, but so worth it

Yes, you are going to sweat up a storm, but don’t push yourself too far. You never need to beast yourself to look your best.

Each round is 1 minute. You’ll perform two mini-circuits and a finishing move, then 15 minutes from now you’ll feel like a champion. Grab your weights – 2kg in each hand will do – and you’re good to go.

How long?

15 minutes

Fitness level:


How often?

Build up to doing your Legs & Butt workout 3x week. Try Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Boost results:

follow this strength workout with a 15-minute arms & abs circuit, and build up to doing two 15-minute blasts of sprintervals too . On a separate day, do whatever exercise you enjoy… riding, climbing, chopping wood (it’s not just for lumberjacks).

To soothe sore muscles,

take 2 rest days a week. Doing 2 minutes of warm-up stretches on these days (Tired? try this) will improve blood flow, de-stress and repair your body, so you feel even better.

And if you still feel still stiff,

take a hot bath with a cup of Epsom salts – cheap-as-chips crystals that deliver relaxing magnesium straight to your muscles.

Power Circuits workout plan




Rest + Stretch


Arms & Abs + Legs & Butt


Your choice

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