This 15-minute do-anywhere workout will wake you up like a cup of coffee. That’s why we call it the Espresso Energiser.

Bonus time: it tones muscle, raises your metabolism and delivers restorative oxygen to your muscles too.

How long?

15 minutes

Fitness level:


How often?

3x week. Try Monday, Thursday and Friday

Boost results:

once a week, follow this strength workout with a 15-minute sprinterval blast (WTF are sprintervals?). On a separate day, do whatever exercise you enjoy. Pilates, spinning, barre, pub golf

To soothe sore muscles,

take 2 rest days a week. Doing 2 minutes of warm-up stretches on these days will improve blood flow, de-stress and repair your body, so you feel even better.

And if you still feel still stiff,

take a hot bath with a cup of Epsom salts – cheap-as-chips crystals that deliver relaxing magnesium straight to your muscles.

Espresso Energiser workout plan


Espresso Energiser




Rest + Stretch


Espresso Energiser + Sprintervals


Espresso Energiser


You choose

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