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This Arms & Abs workout is one of two ‘power couple’ circuits that target-tone your body when you’re feeling fit and strong. The Feelgood Plan |  Try following it with the Legs & Butt routine, or blast through them in 15-minute blocks – whatever’s easiest to fit into your day.

The best thing about the Arms & Abs circuit is how it makes you feel. Firm abs can free you from back pain and aching knees (1) while toned arms can ease knotted shoulders, so you feel less stressed.

Use 1% of your day to boost your body and mind

Each round is 1 minute. You’ll perform two mini-circuits and a finishing move, then 15 minutes from now you’ll feel like a champion.

This challenging circuit will shoot your feelgood buzz to the sky. But as you go, keep checking in with your body so you’re not pushing yourself too far. Remember, your focus is on feeling good, not pushing yourself to breaking point.

How long?

15 minutes

Fitness level:

Ready for a challenge

How often?

Build up to doing your arms and abs 3x week. Try Monday, Thursday and Friday

Boost results:

follow this strength workout with a 15-minute legs & butt circuit, and build up to doing two 15-minute blasts of sprintervals too (WTF are sprintervals?). On a separate day, choose do whatever exercise you enjoy… swimming, barre, hot yoga, naked yoga… do whatever makes you happy

To soothe sore muscles,

take 2 rest days a week. Doing 2 minutes of warm-up stretches on these days will improve blood flow, de-stress and repair your body, so you feel even better.

And if you still feel still stiff,

take a hot bath with a cup of Epsom salts – cheap-as-chips crystals that deliver relaxing magnesium straight to your muscles.

Arms and Abs workout plan




Rest + Stretch


Abs & Arms + Legs & Butt


Your choice

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